c’est la face-Summer Beauty Wishlist

It’s wishlist time! I know you all really love when I do this, and I love it too, so it’s a win-win! As always, I really want to make sure I mention products that I believe are going to be stunning and work well, so obviously I’m super excited to get into this! Continue reading “c’est la face-Summer Beauty Wishlist”


c’est la face-Summer Glow Makeup + Outfit (Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette)

Hope you guys are having a great summer so far! (Or getting ready to, if you haven’t started yet.) For me, I started a summer position with my college which I’m super pumped for, but before I left, I went out with some friends and I saved one of my favorite looks to share for you all. This one in particular for those hot days that turn into chilly nights. Continue reading “c’est la face-Summer Glow Makeup + Outfit (Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette)”

c’est la face-Beauty Wishlist #2

It’s Monday, it’s noon, and as always, it’s the perfect time to talk about makeup! So, I’ve got my hot chocolate and palette in hand, let’s talk about the products I can’t wait to use in the future! Continue reading “c’est la face-Beauty Wishlist #2”

c’est la face-Beauty Wishlist #1

It’s Makeup Monday yet again! To start bluntly, I don’t play when it comes to my face. If I’m buying a beauty product, I want to make sure it’s highly favored and recommended. I’m not the type to buy beauty products on a whim-and sometimes excessive hype doesn’t convince me either. That being said, I have a beauty wishlist made of products I want to snatch and do a review of. Continue reading “c’est la face-Beauty Wishlist #1”

c’est la face-Disappearing Act

Double posting is fun, double posting is rad. Usually, makeup posts will take place on Mondays, for the entire sake of abuse of the term Makeup Monday. But for funsies and double posting purposes, I have decided to kick off (Super Bowl pun unintended but acknowledged) Makeup Monday (On A Tuesday) with 3 lip products that are life-proof. Seriously, some of this stuff will stay on for days if you let it. ¬†This especially comes in handy if you’re always everywhere at once and can’t always reapply 24/7. Continue reading “c’est la face-Disappearing Act”