c’est la face-Foundation Routine

Hello darlings! So, I’m convinced I’ve found the secret to a perfect foundation routine. I actually owe this to Jaclyn Hill-she mentioned this in her foundation routine video. I just wanted to share some things I tweaked so it fits perfectly with my skin! Continue reading “c’est la face-Foundation Routine”


c’est la face-Liquid Lipstick: Favorite and Least Favorite

Happy National Lipstick Day everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your summer-I definitely have! Getting to rest and relax with family and friends-but I move back to school Sunday and ti’s time to hit back on that grind. With all that mumbo jumbo being said, the post I have today is a fun one. To celebrate NLD, I have a lipstick themed post! Continue reading “c’est la face-Liquid Lipstick: Favorite and Least Favorite”