c’est la face-Glossier Haloscope Highlighter and Cherry Balm Dot Com

The high-end cosmetics company Glossier has been taking the internet beauty world by storm, and everything on the site looked so pretty and minimalist. Usually, that doesn’t sell me, but the emphasis on skincare and the way it treated my skin has definitely turned me into a fan. Continue reading “c’est la face-Glossier Haloscope Highlighter and Cherry Balm Dot Com”


c’est la face-Spring Break Fanny Pack Essentials

It’s time for Spring Break! Going anywhere exciting?? I am–I’m finally going home to my favorite city, Downtown Chicago! While I’m super excited to go, I also kind of wish I was going somewhere sunny and warm like most of my friends for break. If you are, make sure to bring a sick looking fanny pack-and these essentials, of course, so your glo-up never dims. Continue reading “c’est la face-Spring Break Fanny Pack Essentials”