c’est la me-Dorm Room + Tips

Hello everyone! Yes, I have already moved back to school! This is because I’m an RA for this year and I have a two-week training period before school starts. But yes, I am doing a little dorm tour and give you tips on how to decorate, whether this is your first rodeo or you need some inspo!  Continue reading “c’est la me-Dorm Room + Tips”

c’est la me-The Good, The Bad, and The Curly

Focusing on yourself when life is everywhere and everything else can be tricky. When you have to be multiple places at once, it’s harder to pay attention to what comes first: you and your happiness. This past week, I’ve recounted the trials and tribulations of making small changes in my life.  Continue reading “c’est la me-The Good, The Bad, and The Curly”