c’est la face-Love/Hate Relationship: Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation

Hey lovelies! Happy Friday! This week I’m trying something new (big surprise there) where I’m going to be reviewing a product, but I’m torn about it 50/50, so why choose if I love it or hate it when I can do both?

Today’s Jams:Dirty Sexy Money-The Struts

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Let me start off by saying this: Kat Von D is my GIRL. I love her cosmetics, I love how pigmented and easy to use they are. I love how precise they get. I love the packaging. I love how everything is cruelty-free. I also love her lock-it foundation.

The shade I have is Deep 74, which is a chestnut brown with warm undertones.

That being said, I also kinda hate it, too.

Don’t get me wrong, I wear it every single day and have been since I purchased it about two months ago. Sometimes when I wear it, I feel like Beyonce and nothing can stop me and I’m just in it to win it. Other times, the second I put it on I want to take it off. Let me get more into depth here.

It Loves Me…

Okay, so I have a huge confession to make: I’m a black girl.

Another really big confession: It’s very freaking difficult to found foundation that matches my skin color. So when I color matched this at Sephora, the gates of heaven opened, the strolling minstrels played, and the choir started belting out a holy note. I was shook. Deep 74 is my color, it’s my pigmentation, it’s so natural looking, and I love it. The formula is long-wear and that’s great because so are my days with my busy schedule. You don’t need any more than one pump, I promise. I thought I would, because I have a five-head going on, but you don’t, which means it’s cost-effective which means frugal Kay is happy.

When I apply the foundation, it’s not cakey, it’s not overly oily so I look like a lite brite, and it’s super smooth and easy to blend out matte. I love that it’s easy to wear and doesn’t feel heavy. Ironically though, the biggest love/hate problem I have with this foundation is how heavy it is.


love the heaviness because like I said, there’s no reapplication needed. Seriously, you put this on and it’s not coming off. Loads of beauty youtubers say this and I agree: This is heavy-duty, costume, what-imperfections-my-face-is-flawless foundation. I wear it daily, but I don’t think it was meant for daily use. You put this foundation on, and it’s like “What’s hyper-pigmentation?” “What’s a breakout?” “Pimple…? I’m not sure I’m familiar with such terminology….” This foundation is the real deal. On the spectrum of full coverage, it’s the fullest. This is a new face you’re getting. Which is beautiful…to a point.

…It Loves Me Not

I am one oily chick. My nose is an oil refinery, it has never stopped being oily, it just produces so much oil it could be bottled and sold by Johnson and Johnson. It is ridiculous. Remember the full coverage thing I just mentioned? Yeah, my oil is not a fan.

Neither is Kat’s foundation.

Auntie Kat, I love you. Promise, I do. And the finish is matte long enough for me to take selfies and show off my makeup, but that’s only about ten minutes, then My Big Fat Oily Nose takes center stage. And, oh my God. It’s still summer in the midwest for some reason, and wearing this OUTSIDE…with SWEAT…lord. I look like I just threw water on my face. I get so shiny and oxidized it’s ridiculous. And that’s when I really can’t stand this foundation the most, it’s so powerless against my oil and the hot sun. Kind of melts a bit, and has trouble staying in place. I’m looking for the matte…it’s not there.

the look of the new girl in town (this is Deep 74)

Keep in mind, Kat just released a new line of these with more shades, so the formula could have easily changed. I’m still working with the old-school one. I HOPE that the formula has changed.  And the fact that this foundation is so heavy duty full coverage really makes the sun and my oil an issue, because if you couldn’t tell I was wearing foundation for the first ten minutes, you can most definitely tell after.

It’s not only the coverage I dislike. Sometimes, the different brushes I use make it harder to blend. You can only apply this foundation with a big insane brush in my opinion. I tried a stifling brush and that was a disaster. I looked really splotchy, and my concealer was not a fan. Which is fine, but I wanted more versatility with my foundation. I wanted to push the limits, but the limit is set in stone. One thing I will say is that it really helps to blend out this foundation with a damp beauty blender. It picks up all of the extra foundation to only keep the bare minimum, which is really nice for such a heavy product.

It’s a Love/Hate Thing

So you see, this is just one of those products that I hate to love and love to hate. It just depends on how you look at it. I’m not one to ponder the glass fullness, but I want to remind you all that I don’t play when it comes to my face. I’m a really harsh judge, so all of these problems and approvals come from deep analyzation so I don’t roll out bullshit. Also, $35 is a hefty price to pay for foundation if you’re used to getting Maybelline FitMe for $9. (This foundation is way better. In my opinion, it’s more matte than the matte and poreless shade.)

That being said, I think if you have dry skin to go for it. I think this foundation is perfect for you and especially if you don’t have time for touch ups, you don’t even have to worry, because Auntie Kat’s got your back. Even if you have combo skin, maybe just apply less in the oily areas, because it won’t clog your pores. Promise. It really is a great product, it can just get really intense and isn’t one for conflict. Anyway, that’s all I have for this week! I’ll catch you cool cats on the flip side!

xx, Kay.


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