c’est la face-Foundation Routine

Hello darlings! So, I’m convinced I’ve found the secret to a perfect foundation routine. I actually owe this to Jaclyn Hill-she mentioned this in her foundation routine video. I just wanted to share some things I tweaked so it fits perfectly with my skin!

Also everyone-Kat Von D. She’s my girl. Her lock-it foundation–okay, it’s extremely full coverage, and it’s not leaving. For me, that’s perfect, because I don’t have time to fix up things during the day.

$35, Sephora stores and katvondbeauty.com

So I prefer her foundation, it’s so smooth, and the wear isn’t cakey at all. It’s weightless, and makes everything look super professional. And I’m in the color Deep 74, which is another thing I love about this foundation-the color range.

Anyway, to start my foundation routine, I first apply the Smashbox Primer Warer all over my skin, which I really adore for hydrating my skin and holding in the makeup. It’s not that good for my oil, so when I go primer hunting again I’ll have to find something that combats oil a little better.

Next, I take a foundation brush, this is just a basic one (I really need to get better brushes y’all) and after pumping one pump on the back of my hand, which is all you need, I dab the brush into the product and go onto the skin, applying in circular motions.

I start from the outer cheeks going inward, because that’s where I have the most hyper pigmentation and where I need the most coverage. (Thanks, Jac!) I’d definitely advise going from the areas that need the most coverage and then blending out from there, until you get your entire face covered. After applying the foundation,

$7, drugsores.

I grab my concealer, this is a Maybelline Concealer in 50 Medium/Deep and focus on just my under eye area, because that’s usually all I want to conceal. After going in with the concealer, I then dampen my beauty sponge, which is a SUPER important step, and I take it to my face, blending in the concealer and picking up extra foundation.

That step right there is the step that takes your foundation to another level. That step is the most important in the entire process, because it not only blends in the concealer to your foundation, but it picks up the excess foundation and blends in the rest. This step makes your skin look so professional and so next level that I seriously wow myself every time. You should see me doing this step, I literally go “Yaaas!” to myself and get so excited, even though I know the outcome. It’s kind of silly how ridiculous I hype myself up.

After the concealer, I take my Glossier Highlighter in Haloscope and apply that in one swoop underneath my cheekbones. I then blend it in using two fingers. After which I take my Becca Highlighter and a Fan Brush and apply that to my cheekbones. I apply two highlighters because when I blend those out with a kabuki brush, I really love the contrast and the color it gives me. It sort of reminds me of a glowy contour, and my goal was just overload of glow. I dig Sparkle Cheeks, y’all. I told you. They’re my thing.

IMG_5465Anyway, that’s my foundation routine that I’ve been using for a month now, and I’ve already gotten so many IMG_5440compliments on my skin and how much better it’s been looking and how flawless my skin looks, so I really hope some of the things I mentioned are beneficial to you and if they are, please let me know what works and what doesn’t, I always think a perfect routine can get even better, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment telling me what you think! See you all next week!

xx, Kay.


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