c’est la me-Dorm Room + Tips

Hello everyone! Yes, I have already moved back to school! This is because I’m an RA for this year and I have a two-week training period before school starts. But yes, I am doing a little dorm tour and give you tips on how to decorate, whether this is your first rodeo or you need some inspo! 

Today’s Jams: Her-Five Minutes

So this is my room–IMG_5359

I do live alone, being an RA, so this year I had a lot more flexibility with how I wanted my room to look. Last year, I did have a roommate, so I will definitely include some roommate friendly tips as well, because I know how nervewrecking that can be.


I did NOT use my book case for books my freshman year. I carried mine in my backpack.

IMG_5361Pro tip: Check the syllabi your professors will post online or email you and order your books online-I ordered soooo many useless books last year and I don’t have time for it. I think I used two books last semester. 

That being said, I use my book case for organizational purposes. My roommate and I split our shelves. But you can see from this picture I used the top to decorate, the first and last shelves are for storing cleaning and household items, ALL of which I recommend, especially if you have an all wood or tile floor. The second shelf holds my shower caddy (GET ONE. Even if you have an en-suite bathroom, it saves counter space and all of your stuff is in one convenient space.)


I have a dining hall attached to my hall. I barely go there. Part of my goal of strictly avoiding the Freshman 15 last year (which I successfully did) was to not use the dining hall as my crutch if I could help it. My advice for food is to get as many quick bites as possible. I have loads of pita chips and veggie straws. An amazing thing to do for quick, filling meals are frozen dinners. I’m not talking the tv dinners, but actual bags of steamed vegetables and whole grain pasta meals. The truth is, nothing that comes frozen is healthy, but the amount of protein in these dinners gives your body that natural strength and energy needed when the nights get late. They’re extremely filling, especially if you add a fruit like a banana on the side. I’ve also learned that fruit is a great breakfast choice, especially if you’re running late, because it’s just a grab and go.

Pro Tip: Getting a storage container of some sort really helps keep all your food in one place, I found this great one at Walmart that came with a label, so I labeled mine “Pantry” and put it at the top of my closet. 

Some other quick eats I have that are cost effective are: Rice A Roni mini cups ($1.00), Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice Bags ($1.79) V8 Reduced Sodium 6 pack ($3.84), Honey Nut Cheerios, my favorite cereal, ($2.79). I do have a water boiler and Keurig, which are really helpful in the mornings when I just want a hot cup of tea and relaxation.


Even if you had a love-hate relationship with planners in high school, it’s about to become your best friend. Find a planner if you don’t already have one. You can’t live without it. If you do college correctly, you’ll have so much fun and your life will be so freakin’ busy you’ll need to write everything down so you don’t forget it. My planner saved my BUTT Freshman year. It’s so helpful to have a portable calendar. You’ll soon not even think about remembering to take it with you if you keep it in your backpack. Everything you think about putting in your planner, just do it.

Ignore The Hills marathon playing on my tv! Lol.

Pro Tip: Color coded planners are not only fun, but a great organizational tool. Soon, you’ll memorize the color for each subject or organization you’re in, and it just makes everything that much easier on you. 


*Command strips and double sided tape, as well as blue stick tack are crucial with hanging up decorations, since most dorm rooms won’t allow sticking holes in walls with push pins.

*Having a roommate agreement for every conflict that may pop up established in the beginning of the school year can stop a lot of arguments before they happen, so it’s important to be proactive with your roommate about things, and being honest is key, especially if the relationship is new.

*Budgeting is a life-saver. If you plan out how much money you’ll need for specific things like groceries and toiletries, you’ll have more money you can just kick around with.

*That being said, if you’re looking to get a job, I recommend on-campus jobs, because campus employers realize that school comes first (some even let you do your homework at work!) and will work around your class schedule and organizations. On campus interviews are also great preparation for real-world interviews.

*Don’t bring your whole closet, but do bring at least one business casual outfit. You’re going to need one, I promise. If not for job interviews, then for organizations or class. Especially if you’re a business major, you’re going to be required to wear one for some of your classes.

Well, this month has been super busy, but be prepared for more posts coming even more frequently now that my schedule is regulating! I’m super hyped about this upcoming year, I have great feelings about it. xx, Kay.



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