c’est la face-Liquid Lipstick: Favorite and Least Favorite

Happy National Lipstick Day everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your summer-I definitely have! Getting to rest and relax with family and friends-but I move back to school Sunday and ti’s time to hit back on that grind. With all that mumbo jumbo being said, the post I have today is a fun one. To celebrate NLD, I have a lipstick themed post!

Today’s Jams: Blue-Emarosa

So I want to start with my favorite liquid lipstick, because I am obsessed. Completely and totally. I am such a ride or die for this forumla, this look, this elasticity, this feel…like I cant believe I haven’t raved about this to infinity and beyond. Well, now’s a better time than ever to really get into it.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita I

Kat Von D is my girl!!! In the midst of all that Jeffree Star drama (might I mention, I love her even more now), I decided to branch out more into her products and forgot the one that started it all. Lolita II is probably my favorite lipstick I’ve ever used.

Formula: It’s so smooth and creamy, and when it dries, it doesn’t make your lips look cracked or feel uncomfortable. I’m used to super plush lips, so I recommend pairing it with a chapstick, but it’s still flexible enough to wear on its on. The pigmentation is very nice, not as much as a super matte lipstick,  but just what I expected and if I wanted to change my lip color throughout the day, the formula is easy to switch up or wear with another color. I love the staying power as well; it’s heavy duty but won’t stay on through EVERYTHING, which I’ve found is a bit overwhelming and annoying.

The color changes and matifies upon drying, check out a photo of it dried at the bottom of this post (: 

Color: Lolita is a deep berry color. Don’t think super vampy, but more like the vamp’s more fun little sister. It’s light enough that I can wear for a suttle every day make up look. (And I do!) I heard complaints about Lolita II, which is a brighter and strange brown-y pink color, which is why I was weary about purchasing I. The color is outstanding though, I can wear it low-key for everyday, or hype it up for a night time look. It’s not the first berry color I own, but it fits with my warm undertones so nicely. It’s one of those colors that seriously looks good on everybody, no matter what skin tone or undertone.

Wear: I’m not a fan of 24 hour wear. I don’t want to wear any type of make up for a whole 24 hours. I need sleep for at least nine of them! That being said, people have said they’re disappointed with the staying power of Lolita. Not sure what type of Lolita they bought, because mine wears longer than a regular lipstick, and I find myself reapplying once throughout my 12 hour days, which is fine with me. And if I’m wearing a chapstick, the lipstick really locks in, and I don’t have to worry about anything the rest of the day. Gosh, I love this lipstick.

KathleenLights x ColourPop Ultra Satin Lippie in November

Let me begin by saying I LOVE KATHLEENLIGHTS! I’ve been meaning to try ColourPop for a while, so I bought two products a couple weeks ago, but I was extremely disappointed in my La La eyeshadow and my liquid lipstick. But the liquid lipstick for different reasons. As a whole, I think it’s just not my thing. I’m so open to trying more ColourPop, because maybe it was a bad week for the company, and I believe in second chances.

Formula: The formula is very…intense, to say the least. You have to have to wear a chapstick underneath this formula, because if you don’t, your lips will look ridiculous. The formula of this lipstick is very drying, and I think it’s because of the high pigmentation concentration. It stays on forever and a day. Oh my god it’s really hard to take off, and when it dries, it dries roughly. Everything this formula does is just very intense and on a super high level. I wasn’t ready for it, and  I don’t like it very much.

Oh my lord, please excuse my ugly nail. There’s also a photo of the matified November at the bottom of this post (: 

Color: November is a bright pink and peach color, and I thought it would look very downplayed on me, but I had no idea how extra the formula would be. That being said, November is very shocking. With one swipe, my entire lips looked like a peach highlighter. I was not for it, I hate super obvious lip colors, especially when my makeup is very minimal. I tried everything to try to downplay this color and use it how I like it, and I realized I only liked it when it was mixed with other colors. I hate mixing colors, but this electric shock bright color just isn’t for me and isn’t my thing. It looks great on Kathleen though, and also amazing on light to medium skin colors.

Wear: Like I mentioned, the lipstick never comes off. Ever. The wear of this is a bit tough for me, I just can’t take such a high degree of a wear, when my days are no more than 12 hours. Especially when I’m not a fan of everything else. I would only wear a lipstick of this caliber for a maximum of two hours out of personal preference. That being sad, I truly believe that this entire lipstick just isn’t my thing and isn’t for me.

I hope you all liked my post and if you’re a reader, thank you. I work really hard on everything I do, and this is what I want to do as a career. It means the world to me. Thank you again! xx, Kay.

The deeper color is Lolita, the lighter color is November. See how dark Lolita gets and how matte November gets?

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