c’est la face-Summer Beauty Wishlist

It’s wishlist time! I know you all really love when I do this, and I love it too, so it’s a win-win! As always, I really want to make sure I mention products that I believe are going to be stunning and work well, so obviously I’m super excited to get into this!

Today’s Jams: T Shirt-Thomas Rhett

A bit of a disclaimer: I get a lot of questions asking me if Urban Decay’s Vice and Gwen Stefani palettes will be on it, and my answer to that is that they really didn’t wow me.The only reason I would look into Vice is that it has 100 shades, but other than that it’s just a regular lipstick. Same with the Gwen Stefani palette, the colors don’t really interest me.

Also, I am only mentioning a couple brands, but those couple brands are doing their thang and rolling out so much new stuff, so there’s plenty to talk about!

Too Faced (Of course, right?)

1. Nikki Tutorials Palette *Available for pre-order soon*

nikkie tutorials too faced power of makeup collection coming august 2016 (15)
photo is not mine (: 

Y’all, I’m SUPER pumped for this one! I think all of the colors are vampy and SO BEAUTIFUL! That gold and navy are calling my name. And a cool thing about the palette is that along with the two highlight shades (something TF usually does with their mini palettes), there’s also two blush shades, which is awesome. Now, with the addition of the blush shades, I’m almost certain that the palette will be more expensive than the usual $36, which is how much the mini eyeshadow sets run. I will gladly pay those few extra bucks for more shades. I’m all for efficiency, so the most I can do with a palette, the better.

2. Totally Cool Palette *Available for pre-order now*

web_totallycute_set_2I’m living for the green shades, especially Clover. I’m considering pre-ordering the palette just for clover, and that REALLY means something, because that makes my last statement look like hyprocrisy. It’s usually true.But I also think the highlighting shades Double Scoop and Shooting Star are gorgeous. Meow and Storm Cloud are pretty interesting, I’ve never seen a group of colors like them on a single palette before, so I think if you’re medium/deep skin toned, these colors would look super vibrant and sparkly against the sunlight and tanned skin.

3. Sketch Marker in Navy *Available now*

web_sketchmarker_closed_deepnavyblue_2Too glam to give a damn! This is what’s in cursive gold script running along the tube of liquid eyeliner. I’m sold on this liner partly because of the adorable packaging, but mostly because of the pigmented formula. I love the precision tip it will come in, because I like the wing life, and you need a smooth, bendable brush for that, which is what the Sketch Marker is promoted, so I’m eager and curious to see how it’ll play out. The pictures online look like the tip gives off a more slimmer look, but I’m looking into it from a definition standpoint; I could do without dramatic eyeliner this summer.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

1. Limited Edition Glow Kit *Available now*

s1790633-main-LheroI couldn’t bring myself to spend forty dollars on a couple highlighters before, but now the the kit is limited edition and SUMMER themed. I love summer themed items so freakin’ much. Summer themed highlighters and bronzers usually give me that fairy sparkle y’all know I love, and deep colors that compliment my dark skin amazingly. I’ve fallen in love with every single color, and I’m seriously looking to buy it in the near future. I get so excited thinking about it, and I haven’t heard anything bad about them at all.


1. Rainforest of the Sea palette *Available now*

s1851419-main-Lhero.jpgThis is a cheek and lip palette that I think is being overshadowed by the Graveyard Girl palette and shouldn’t be. This palette looks fabulous. I usually only use cream palettes like this on my lips, but I can actually see myself using the entire palette for my cheeks and lips, which is what drew me to it. All of these colors are super pretty, especially for fair skin tones, but there’s this deep cherry color I’m eyeing that I think will give a beautiful cool color on my lips, and I’m thinking I’d wear that most when I go out at night.

Overall, I have so much excitement for these palettes and products, I can seeing myself buying every single one of these products, and I most likely will, so look out for some first impression posts coming up! Hope you all are having a great summer, I love you all!

xx, Kay


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