c’est la face-Glossier Haloscope Highlighter and Cherry Balm Dot Com

The high-end cosmetics company Glossier has been taking the internet beauty world by storm, and everything on the site looked so pretty and minimalist. Usually, that doesn’t sell me, but the emphasis on skincare and the way it treated my skin has definitely turned me into a fan.Today’s Jams:You Are What You Wear-American Psycho (the musical)

This little pink box is adorable!!! And I got a full size poster AND STICKERS! (I love stickers!)


You know me, I usually take a timid jump when it comes to buying new makeup. Even makeup that is highly anticipated and raved about. So when I finally gave in and decided to take a chance on Glossier, I wasn’t too sure about spending the amount of money I usually spend on products at Sephora on a brand I haven’t tried before.
But, per usual, I was blown out of the water by the way everything went. Glossier is amazing.

Exactly one week ago, I ordered two things: their new Halsocope Highlighter in Topaz, ($22), and their Flavored Balm Dot Com Universal Skin Salve in Cherry ($12). I was able to apply both immediately and I can honestly say that Glossier is worth the hype.

It’s way bigger in person than it seems, too. 

The highlighter is different than most because it has an inner ring of vitamin-infused moisturizers, and an outer ring of crystal extract, which has the pigmentation. I thought it looked super-cool, and when I swatched it on my hand, I was a little timid. The formula was way more golden than I thought it would be, but it gave me that glow I was finally looking for a highlighter to do. I am obsessed with what it does to and with my skin! The inner ring is definitely moisturizing it makes me feel like I’m putting on a less powdery highlight, more like a dewy one that doesn’t leave a residue or has to dry. I believe that Topaz would work best on dark and deep skin tones, just because it is a more golden color, and would bring out those darker skin tones.

The balm dot com was something I was extremely excited about (we all know I’m a lip product junkie) and I was not disappointed. The description says it’s more of a salve, which I can definitely attest to, with it’s heavy formula. I got the Cherry flavored one, and I didn’t expect it to do much, I just wanted a light red tint (which I received, to my happiness!), but what I got was so much more. Not only did it smell amazing, which is hard for a cherry flavored anything to do, but it also made my lips super soft.

Swatches of both of the products-the highlighter is rubbed in.

The formula is ultra-smooth, and I can’t get enough of it! I’m so excited to order more of these, because I’m obsessed. And at $12, it’s the cheapest thing on their website, haha. I also loved that the color was barely noticeable, so it would work for every skin tone.

So these are just the products I decided to go with, and thankfully they worked for me, but if you’re looking to order online, please go and do some research on the site, find out what you think will work best for you. Glossier has some amazing stuff that I now wouldn’t mind paying a little bit extra for.


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