c’est la face-Living the High Life

Hey everyone! I hope y’all had a stellar week! Recently, I’ve been trying to find that perfect highlighter, so I went to Sephora and purchased three from Benefit cosmetics! Here’s what I think about them. 

Today’s Jams: Don’t Lose Your Cool-Diamond Youth

I thought that if I didn’t like one highlighter, I had two others to try, which was what I was telling myself as I was walking up to the cash register with Benefit’s 1st Prize Highlighters pack in my hand. I was really excited–you all know how much I ride and die with Benefit Cosmetics, and I just wanted my cheeks to sparkle and shine like Eve from the movie Life Size.

$19, Sephora

The pack comes in three colors: High beam, Dandelion Shy Beam, and Sun Beam. I know the whole Dandelion theme is a new one Benefit launched this year; they also released a themed palette. As the packaging suggests, these are mini containers of the highlighters, which I liked because this was just a trial.

When you open the packaging and unscrew the cap on the tube, there’s a brush, and the product resembles nail polish a lot. One thing I really, really liked about the highlighters were how pigmented they were. But I’ll get into that later. Now, I’m going to talk about the wear of the highlighters.

I’ve used all three, and I’ve worn them all different ways to see which one I liked best, and how.

So the first highlighter I tried was Sun Beam, because it looked like the most golden color, and one of my goals for the sparkle cheeks aesthetic is to have it look gold. Applying the highlighter, I put it on in between my concealer and foundation. I found that the product looked like a mix between an off white and a sparkly yellow color. Way different than the swatches. I was kind of disappointed, because I found that I had to keep applying the product to get it to even show up on my skin, despite the pigmentation of the swatches I did. I just chalked it up to “Maybe this isn’t the highlighter for me”, and moved on to the next one.

In order from top to bottom: Sun Beam, Dandelion Beam, and High Beam. 

Next, I tried High Beam, because I thought the pearlized tint would at least show up on my skin. Since I wanted it to show, I also applied it over my foundation; a technique I rarely use, but what the hay, right? The problem I had with this highlighter was that it made my foundation look less smooth and my cheeks look chalky. I didn’t really agree with the color balance on my skin, it didn’t look like a highlighter to me, more like an obscure blush.

So finally, I tried the Dandelion Sun Beam. At this point, I’d pretty much had my wit’s end with highlighters, and didn’t think anything would help. So I went back to my usual routine of applying between concealer and foundation. I was also super worried about the champagne color the swatch turned out to be. When I applied it though, I noticed that I liked the way this one looked more than any other highlighter in the pack. Sure, it didn’t give me a warm glow, but it complimented my face in a blush-y way, and the pearlized look in the formula didn’t make me look chalky, but brought out my lip color and brought my entire look together. I found myself somewhat satisfied with the performance of the highlighter.

I mean, other than disliking how they look, Benefit highlighters tend to break my cheeks out a bit, and I thought they’d update the formula. To my dismay, that wasn’t the case, but my skincare routine is so bomb, the breakout has been rapidly diminishing. The wear is fantastic though, it looked the same from start to finish after my 12 hour work day. So if you want a highlighter that’s more matte and opaque, and that won’t move, I definitely recommend anything Benefit has on the market. Each one is different, and I liked how they gave a variety of colors in this pack. Plus, it only ran me about $19, which is outstanding for anything at Sephora. As for me, this girl is still on the hunt for a decent highlighter. I might’ve even shelled some bucks online recently…

See you all next week! What highlighters do y’all recommend?

xx, Kay



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