c’est la face-Face Mask Trinity [REVIEW]

Hey everyone! Hope yall are having a rad summer! Read below to see some new face masks I’ve tried out recently. Like I’ve said, I’m freaking obsessed with them for some reason, but there are some for real hidden gems out there!

Today’s Jams: El Shakes-Idlehands

Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask

So this face mask came in my May ipsy bag and I was super pumped for it because it looked really cool. I know-making judgments from the packaging isn’t the best way to scope out the positives and negatives of a product, but still. You can’t ignore how awesome it looks. The bottle claims “This skin-refining mask with berry boosters goes straight to work on clogged pores. Strawberry and rosemary eliminates impurities while yarrow clarifies skin for instant complexion perfection.”

So, the usual.

As I said in my ipsy bag review, I’ve always wanted to try a product from this brand, it usually comes highly recommended, especially its So Totally Clean line.

When I tried the product, I found it to be to a very smooth consistency, not really gritty in texture. It was very light on my skin (and smelled amazingly!). It didn’t tighten as much as I expected it to, and that was a plus for me, because I hate the tight feelings, even though the most effective masks for me have been extra tight. That being said, I’d say this mask is nothing special. I go into each product I try unbiased, my only expectation for it to be is to work. I felt a clean feeling, but I didn’t really feel my skin to be “refined” or my pores to be “unclogged”. Some of my impurities may have washed away, but the “instant complexion perfection” thing is a stretch. I think they knew that anyway. At least my face didn’t feel too dry afterwards.

RATING: 3.8/5 claps


Fresh Rose Face Mask

This one sounded so fancy schmancy to me, I was suuuuper hyped to try it. It was part of my birthday gift package from Sephora, and they’ve always been so good to me. Ugh. Love Sephora. The best.

The main claims for the mask are to hydrate and restore your face using rose petals.I mean, I felt some hydration, but it wasn’t anything particularly special to me. I didn’t expect the mask to come out as a slick brown color. It wasn’t too thick, either. It went on looking like Saran Wrap, which kinda freaked me out, but I was also intrigued as well.

The feeling after washing off the face mask was less dry than I expected, but it didn’t perform any off the charts or notable work. Maybe it’s just not for my skin type, or wasn’t compatible with mine. The package claimed that it was for all skin types, though. That’s misleading. I wouldn’t purchase this again, and I’m much more happier with a sample size now that I know the quality of the product. I didn’t feel much revitalization, and to me, I’ve had plenty of drugstore masks work better for me.

RATING: 2.7/5 claps

Global Beauty Care Dead Sea Wash-off Mask

THIS. Now, this was an ipsy shipment, and the only face mask I’ve used multiple times. I really love how this one works. It’s thick and fresh. I leave it on for about 18 minutes, which is a bit long, but the only thing the packaging told me was to not exceed 20 minutes. I usually apply it in the shower, get all my washing done, and then wash off the mask.

This mask works amazingly with my oily skin. they just click together. I use it whenever I’m feeling particularly gross, or I just want to refresh my skin. Not only does my skin feel rejuvenated and hydrated, but I also notice a smaller pore size and my impurities were gone. My skin literally feels brand new, every time.

The packaging is a little vague, I admit. It only says “with salts and minerals from the Dead Sea, 15 minute face and body therapy. Deep cleansing mud based formula for all skin types.”

I’m not sure about the “all skin types” things, after the disappointment with the Fresh one, I’m a little bit skeptical, but for my oily and sensitive skin, it was a winner. So I definitely recommend this mask if you have similar and combo skin, but even give it a try if you have another skin type. It’s so refreshing and hydrating, and if you love the feel of thick face masks that are super refreshing, this one is a winner.

RATING: 4/5 claps

So like I said, I’ve been on a face mask craze this season, and I’m always in the mood to try one. I think each one is unique, and using one always gives me a nice perk and calms me down. Let me know your favorite face masks, I’m looking to try way more in the future!




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