c’est la face-Summer Glow Makeup + Outfit (Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette)

Hope you guys are having a great summer so far! (Or getting ready to, if you haven’t started yet.) For me, I started a summer position with my college which I’m super pumped for, but before I left, I went out with some friends and I saved one of my favorite looks to share for you all. This one in particular for those hot days that turn into chilly nights.

Today’s Jams: Dangerous Woman-Ariana Grande

So I went to a movie that was like three hours long, and it was somewhat warm outside, but I knew that as soon as we left to have  a bonfire, the temperature would’ve dropped way below 60.

So in addition to the Too Faced palette, I also used my ride-or-die eyeliner, which I’ve mentioned a couple times on here. The eyeliner in question in question is Rimmel London’s Scandal Eyes Jumbo Felt Tip Liner in Black.IMG_3956 I like it for it’s super easy application and the pigmentation and glide it gives for when I wing out my liner. Because I wing out my liner often, I really wanted a tool that was going to last quite some time, and for $10, I’d say it’s definitely worth the extra digging in the pocket. I also used one of my favorite mascaras, which you guys know I’ll rave about until I go mad, Benefit’s badGAL Lash Mascara. Though it is only a sample size, it’s lasted me so many months, which I appreciate, because you never need a heavy load when using this dream. It seems as though this tube is endless, and I can most definitely get behind a product that seemingly never runs out. You guys know how much I’m about functionality, and since the mini size is $12, I can without doubt see myself repurchasing.

Eyebrows are always the fabulous ABH Brow Definer! ($21 USD)

So here  is the makeup look. For my base, I used products I’ve already talked about. My primer was Smashbox’s Primer Water, ($16) which I find beneficial for my sensitive skin. Before I used for my foundation, I highlighted just my cheeks using a Maybelline Master Conceal by Face Studio Concealer ($8), and then used Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation in Deep ($8) over it, instead of bronzer. Even though this is a warm-based look and I was going to be outside for some time (So the SPF in the liquid bronzer would’ve helped), I skipped it, because I didn’t want as much base product on my face, because I would essentially be wearing it all afternoon and night. Plus, the sun wasn’t out at the same time I was, so most of the bronzer’s benefits would be useless.

For the eye shadow, I used Makeup Forever’s new eye makeup primer ($24), and taking a synthetic fibered eyeshadow brush, I began on my inner corner and lid. For that, I used the color Jelly to make my brown eyes pop and to give definition and attention to my liner. For the crease in my lid, I blended in the warmer colors Peanut Butter and Peanut Brittle, to add depth and sparkle. Also, I wanted to soften up the purple colors I used. I really dug the way my eyes looked like a sunset a this point. To highlight my brow bone, I used the color Extra Creamy, which is the brightest color I used, to really bring a soft glow to my upper eye area and make my arched eyebrows look more defined.

For my liner, I began on the inner corner of my lid. Then, I simply glided the felt tip across my eye using short strokes because I have a shaky hand. Once I reached the outer corner, I went over the path I created a few times so I could start winging it out. For me, I’ve found going straight across works best. Drawing a straight line that pulls out of my liner takes the pressure out of curving or flicking my hand. To make the line more thick, I go on an upwards diagonal, meeting at a point. If you’d like me to go more in depth with pictures, let me know!

When I was picking a lip color, I wanted something I could wear for hours without reapplication. IMG_3963My mind instantly went for an old favorite, Revlon Lip Butter ($7). The formula with this product is crazy, it’s so smooth. The creamiest lip color I’ve ever had. Though I’d prefer the pigmentation to be a bit stronger, I think it’s perfect for toned-down looks like these that requires low maintenance. For a bit more shine, I used a lip gloss I picked up at Victoria’s Secret. (You know, the beauty rush kind that tastes so good if you accidentally get some in your mouth??)

My outfit, like I said before, is something I think is versatile and functional, especially during the movie when I felt a blast of air, or during the bonfire when I felt the wind picking up. Everyone else was shivering, but I felt fine and looked super-cute too. I wore a green leather jacket I copped from a resale store, a striped cropped shirt from Forever 21, high waisted jeans from Forever 21, a red belt from my mother’s lovely closet, and really cute gray booties from Toms. 

I got so many compliments on my outfit, and I liked the way that nothing matched, but everything went together. I always go for a pop of color that’s usually in my belt choices, just to bring more attention to my waist, which is something I want to accentuate. The green jacket is definitely a staple in my wardrobe, because most leather jackets are black, and I like how this statement piece is so unique and works with my style. I thought gray was a nice accent to the navy shirt I was wearing, and the colors pulled off nicely.

Honestly though, it’s all about the confidence you have to rock outfits. If you love what you’re wearing, makeup and look, others will too. I thought that was just something fake people used to say, but after trying it out, I’ve found it to be true. I hope you guys have a great kickoff to summer!

xoxo, Kay.



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