c’est la face-PB & Slay

It’s finals week at school for me, and I finally tracked down something on my wishlist to combat the stress: Too Faced’s sought after Peanut Butter and Jelly palette! I’m going to take you on a look inside.

Today’s Jams: The Medic-Foxing

This school year has been a whirlwind for me. So many triumphs, so much stress…but I made it. As of my 19th birthday, May 6th, my first year of college will be completed. I honestly can’t explain how crazy it is to already finish this chapter in my life…so instead of getting sentimental, I bought a makeup palette!

You guys know how much I’ve been meaning to get my hands on a scented Too Faced palette. When I saw this in Ulta, I almost tripped over myself to get it.

Honestly, when I picked it up, it was way smaller than I expected, I don’t know how large I expected it to be, but it’s about the size of my hand. I love how cute that makes it though. And it comes in a glossy tin, it resembles a lunchbox.

Top to Bottom: Spread the Love, Bananas, Extra Creamy 

So I opened it, and at first, I was a bit uneasy about the whole “smells like peanut butter and jelly” concept, because I didn’t want to smell like a sandwich, but the aroma is so comforting. Yes, it smells like peanut butter and jelly, but it’s sweet. It’s so calming. Brings an effect of nostalgia. I’m in love with how this makeup smells. I’m in love with the pigmentation of the colors. I’m a person of basic and toned-down looks, things that are simple, so I haven’t used the brightest colors yet, but I loved the contrast they made on my skin when I did the swatches. The golden brown colors are just what I was looking for with my bronze looks for the summer, and they reflect the light in a way that’s not too too shimmery, but just right for my skin tone. And the purple colors are going to be awesome for when I want a bright look that contrasts my eyes.

Top to bottom: Nuts About U, Jammin’, Peanut Butter Cup, Jelly, Peanut Brittle, Peanut Butter

The wear on these shadows are incredible. And it was so easy to take it off at the end of the day, which is what I appreciated. My favorite thing about these shadows are how I don’t need to pack tons on my brush to get full effect of the pigmentation. The variation of the colors are amazing too, there’s colors for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners, base colors, main colors, and effect colors, and that’s what I look for in a palette. Versatility.

The palette also comes with a little booklet for suggestions of looks that you can use the palette for, but I prefer doing my own thing. I thought the booklet was a cute idea, though. It coincides with the three different sections the palette is broken down into: Soft & Sweet, Rich & Creamy, and PB & J.
Also, this product contains no peanut products, so if you have an allergy, don’t fear!

All in all, I was super impressed with this palette upon first buy and wear, and I can’t wait to wear this throughout the summer, I know those bright purple colors are gonna be my ride or dies, and those bronze and copper tones are gonna be my go-to when I want to reflect the sun. You guys know how much I love Too Faced, and they never let me down.

Peanut Brittle, Peanut Butter, ABH Brow Definer & Gel, Tarte LipSurgence lip creme in wonder. 

Hope you guys have a great end of your school year! See you all next week!


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