c’est la face-Beginner Makeup Essentials (Drugstore)

When don’t I try something new?? This post is loosely focused around beginners, those who want to have a quality makeup arsenal but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get it. It’s also useful for those who are comfortable with makeup but wouldn’t mind picking up some trust essentials that will work well. Cuz we all don’t play when it comes to our face. 

Today’s Jams: Heavy In Your Arms-Florence + The Machine 

Note*-This isn’t meant to be a post with the ONLY drugstore products that work! Just the ones that I’ve found best work for me!


Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation:

-Honestly, I’ve found that the Fit Me! Foundation is what works best with my complexion and oiliness, drugstore-wise. It’s my go-to, and when I try out new foundations, I always grab my pressed powder version and do a once-over just to even out my skin tone. Plus, it’s only $8, and the color selection isn’t too bad. Not just for oiliness, this foundation comes in matte and dewey, depending on what you want your face to be. The coverage is even and fantastic, and it gives off about a six to seven hour wear. I’ve found that the pressed powder is easier to use, just because liquid anything can be a bit intimidating and makes evening questionable. 

NYX Hydra Touch Primer:

Unfortunately, primer is something you won’t find cheap. And I don’t mind paying the extra cash if it does what it’s supposed to. This baby, wow is it smooth. Fit like a glow, it evened out my whole look and had such an easy wear. It’s $14, which is a little steep, even for NYX, but I’d compare this to my Smashbox primer, which is damn near $30, and the NYX one is less harash, with the applicator being easier to use than most drugstore primers.

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand:

For beginner’s I’d definitely go with this one, because as the name suggests, the applicator is a wand, which is easier to guide when concealing and covering dark circles. Plus, it’s cheaper (but more effective!) than other drugstore concealers, ($5) and doesn’t feel cakey on the skin, which is easy to find in the drugstore. It’s easier to blend, and application doesn’t load the product on your skin.


Avon Eyeshadow Duos:

They’re so slept on!! If you don’t have Avon in your local drugstore, a super similar alternative are NYX singular eyeshadow sets. But guys, you can order this stuff online, and it’s only $4! I love this. The color payoff is soft but elegant, which is what I want in an everyday look. The applicators that come with the eyeshadow are double sided, so you can experiment with different methods while using something simple, useful, and spongy. You’ll find that sponge-tip eyeshadow applicators are easier to use than brushes at first.

Revlon ColorStay 16+ Hour Eyeshadow Quad:

This is what I recommend for y’all adventurous folks-the ones who want that heavy, dramatic color payoff, but keeping application simple. Like Avon, the applicator is double edged, and the colors come in a quad, so not only do you get a more pigmented shadow, but a set of colors that work well together. (A little tip: for choosing colors, a good place to start is going with colors that are opposite your eyes on the color wheel! For example, my eyes are dark brown, so they look best with purples, greens, and blues.) And I’m not sure about the 16 hour thing, or why you would want to wear makeup for 16 hours, but it does work, lol.

Maybelline Scandal Eyes Eyeliner Pen:

I’ve mentioned my $10 ride-or-die before. I still use this over my high-end eyeliners. I just find nothing works better when I want a wing, or dramatic eyeliner. The pen is easiest to use when drawing a line, and even easier is going with the jumbo pen. The pigment is AMAZING, and won’t dry out on you quickly. If you mess up, it will come off with ease, but stay on however long you want. 

E.l.f. Eyebrow Kit:

E S S E N T I A L!!!! Oh my gosh, I’m just-yes. You need this in your life. It taught me how to freehand do my brows, and I’m not joking, it’s like two dollars. They’re always sold out, so if you find one in your drugstore, snag it! I found this kit so easy to use, and the different shapes they had were fun to experiment with and find out which arch worked best for me. I also recommend the eyebrow pencil, which is the only one that works for me. I love finding gems at e.l.f., because it’s so cheap, yet some of their products are legit staples.


(Guys, please don’t forget about my baby NYX Matte Lip Creme! Only not mentioned because I talk so much about it-also going for Maybelline BabyLips which is a classic.)

NYC Twistable Lip Pencils:

I bought this on a whim, because it was a cute color and one dollar and some change. I did not expect it to work as well as it does, especially being a dollar and something. This lip pencil is so easy for detailing, and the color payoff is decent. It can actually go glossy, depending on how much product you add. It’s not perfect, but again, its just a dollar, so I would suggest this to someone who wants to play around with color and gloss, because the color selection is ridiculous. The product is also great for mixing different lip colors, if you’re into that.

Remember, this is not a be all, end all list! But these are the products I find are easier, and a good starting place for all beginners for their easiness. I plan on doing a high-end version too, so look out for that! I love you all! Pray for me-finals are coming up!

xoxo, Kay


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