c’est la face-Empties #1 (Products I’ve Used Up)

Happy Friday! I’m doing another first I’m pumped for; this is an empties post! If you don’t know what empties are, I’m posting the items I’ve used up, and sometimes, the reviews aren’t so good, but all mine are going to be, because y’all know by now that I don’t put just anything on my face and body-if it doesn’t work, I throw it away. IMG_3500Today’s Jams: Oketo-Audiotree Session 2016

So I’m just going to go from left to right, and the first product I have is Evian Facial Spray, and if you’ve read my Spring Break Essentials post, you know how much I love it. When I had dry/combo skin, this was my ride or die, especially during the summer. I could drop it in my handbag, and spray-n-go as I could feel my skin drying out. It’s honestly pretty perfect, and I repurchase this every year around this time.

One if my favorite face palettes ever, The Bronze of Champions by Benefit is something I could not have left out. Y’all know I love sparkle, glitter, and gold tones, and this palette brings out all of my assets on my brown skin, making it looked baked and golden. I used up everything in this palette, and that’s why I love getting face palettes from Benefit. They are never more than $35, have everything you need for a full face, give you great amounts of product, include functional products, and everything works great individually and on their own.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s colored eyeliner. Last year, I bought this Estee Lauder Retractable Pencil in Sapphire, and I couldn’t put it down the entire summer. The pigment is i n s a n e, guys. Freaking ridiculous. I easily compare it to the MAC Gel Liner for its fluidity and pigmentation. If y’all know how loveable that stuff is, I would definitely give this product a try.

I TOLD YOU GUYS I GOT MY HAND ON AN ABH PRODUCT!!! I was in line at Sephora, saw this, and my blood ran cold. I knew I had to get it. The product, you ask? Why, it’s an Anastasia Beverly Hills Travel Brow Kit!!! I know I’m so extra right now, but guys, the closest Sephora near me has no ABH, and I was skeptical about paying all that money for a skinny eyebrow pencil. Let me just say this: I get it now. The kit comes with tweezers, brow gel, and a mini brow wiz. Y’ALL THIS B R O W G E L. I was living!!! My brows have never looked so perfect! They’re so slicked back and in place, and the Brow Wiz makes them look so natural. I’m in love. That is all.

So as you guys know, the March ipsy bag (I believe for everyone) contained a Makeup Forever Step 1 Primer,which is their new one. As you also know, it’s the first primer I’ve tried, because I’m a BB Cream girl. Sensational. I won’t go out and buy the full size, because I’m pretty sure it’s like $1500, and I’m on a college budget. But if you guys are looking to try a high end primer that blurs out imperfections under your makeup, I definitely recommend the new one by M4E, it’s perfect.

I’m mentioning quite a bit ride or dies here, because I used to rarely go out of my routine, but right now I’m in the midst of a new product whirlwind which is really exciting. But something that will never change is my addiction to the NYX Matte Lip Cremes. Y’all know I ride with my life-proof liquid lipsticks to no end, and this week, they’ve finally kicked the bucket after nearly a year of faithfulness. It’s sad to see them go, but now I have an excuse to try the NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks, and I know they’ll be everything-proof like the OGs.

The next couple products are the same, because I’m a lip product and Benefit Cosmetics junkie, so I’ll just mention them here as good, solid, Kay-Approved Products that if you want to try something new but know that it works, I’ve got your back. Plus, you’ve heard of these if you read my blog. They are NARS Lipliner Pencil, Baby Lips in Cherry, Benefit badGAL lash mascara, and MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam IV. 

The last thing I’ll mention is a bit of my pride and joy. I’ve been using it for years, and my most recent tube is biting the dust and I’m sad. This is the Rimmel London ScandalEyes Jumbo Eyeliner. I’m a winged eyeliner gal, and a dramatic winged eyeliner gal, and Rimmel knows this and understands it. It has my back. I’ve only used this felt tip liner when I want to do a wing, and that’s because it comes through time and time again. Love it. Idolize it. BFF.

That’s it for this week! See you guys Monday! xoxo, Kay


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