c’est la me-An Open Letter To The Guy Who Hates “All that makeup”

I missed last week’s diary entry, because if I don’t have anything of substance to talk about, I’m not going to ramble around and waste everyone’s time. Last night, I talked on the phone to one of my guy friends. And I got angry. 

Today’s Jams: Aviation-The Last Shadow Puppets and Everything You’ve Come to Expect-The Last Shadow Puppets

Dear friend,

Let me start this off by saying you’re a great person, and I respect you. Because I respect you, I’m going to honestly attempt to bring this situation to light in your mind. You need a reality check, and because I’m your friend, I’ll happily and politely be the banker to cash the check for you.I know your stance on this matter has been met with hostility, and that’s made you stand harder on the crumbling foundation you call your reasoning. And if you think that’s “degrading your manhood”, then oh well. No such thing, pal.

But friend, people do not wear makeup to impress guys. 

This isn’t to be an all-inclusive statement, and I’ll tell you why: the standards and expectations society puts on people to be perfect are unrealistic and unreachable. 

Every photo you see of a famous woman, she’s wearing makeup. That’s the hands-down truth. The women who put on makeup to impress men have been insecure about their possibility to be with someone who will love them for them. This is because some men shamelessly compare and pit people against each other for your own selfish insecurity issues. And social media has made this issue even more prominent.

I see countless accounts on twitter where men and even some women participate in memes that shame people for wearing what they believe is “too much” makeup. The amount of makeup a person wears is not for you to judge. It is not your face, therefore, not up to your discretion. Memes like this used to discourage women from wearing makeup, but now the tables are turning and people are fighting back. However, it’s the people who created this meme who should’ve stuck to kindergarten rules: If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all. The way to fix this is simple: build makeup wearers up. We all know they look good, compliment them. After you RT that pic of Zendaya looking heavenly with her face beat, RT that selfie of the girl from your Psych class doing the same. Or the guy who lives in your building who can work that eyebrow gel. Or them for rockin’ some lipstick. Favorite it. Say their contour is bangin’, even if you don’t know what that is.

Here’s some reasons why people wear makeup:

  • To experiment
  • To feel confident
  • To have fun
  • To enhance their features
  • To take bomb selfies
  • To feel fabulous and expensive

Here’s some reasons why people don’t wear makeup

  • To receive any attention from men
  • To be ridiculed for doing what they want

I wear eye shadow because it brings out the hazel in my Native American eyes. I wear winged eyeliner because it makes my almond-shaped eyes look brighter. I do a kick-ass job on my brows because I love the way they look when they’re arched. They’re sexy and an asset. I highlight because when the sun’s rays catch that powder, I freakin’ glow and I look cool. I put on lipstick because my lips are beautiful and I love pops of color. I do not do these things for male approval. Don’t think so entitled that men influence anything I do. If my boyfriend is coming over, I roll out of bed and wait for the doorbell to ring. It was like that in the “talking” stage as well. The motivation I get to wear makeup comes from myself, and myself alone.

So friend, when we were talking last night and you said one of the most degrading sentences I’ve ever heard, “Females wearing all that makeup are liars and need to stop,”, though I lit into you for using a degrading term like “females” instead of “women”, I wanted to go into so much more detail about the makeup situation. I know you’re reading this, because I’m linking you to this. I just want you to take away a few key concepts, if nothing else.

  1. People don’t wake up with makeup on their face, so this “lying” concept is basically a rude way of saying “I’m insecure because women have the power to enhance their beauty and even though no one is stopping me from wearing makeup, I’ll be ridiculed by people in society who think in the same judgmental way as me, and I can’t be on the other side.”
  2. Combat the expectation that women HAVE to look like superstars to be beautiful.
  3. People do not wear makeup for men. 

Talk to you later on!

Yours, Kay.


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