Lush Haul + Skincare Review

It is Makeup Monday and I am so excited because I went to Lush for the first time and blew through some dollars. Let’s take a look at these au natural goodies, and what I use them for!

Today’s Jams:  Back To Your Love, Night Riots

Okay, so everyone thinks Lush and automatically goes, “Wait, don’t they sell those bath ball things?” IMG_2934So obviously, I headed straight to the bath bomb section before the employees bombarded (haha!) me with their sticky sweet kindness and helpfulness. I used to work in hospitality, so usually I pride myself on inviting welcoming and customer service skills. But oh my goodness, Lush employees could give hotel concierges and Chick-fil-a crew members a serious run for their smiles. I didn’t get to check out the bath bomb crates until a half an hour later, because I was getting waited on hand and foot by fellow college kids who were super excited to show me awesome skincare products. And they were pretty awesome. So awesome, I ended up buying one and taking home a couple samples. I can’t wait to tell you guys how these products worked for me, and I’ve even included some of these in a new skincare routine, so if you want to see an updated version, let me know!~

9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion

“This gentle cleanser is made with almond oil, dove orchids and everlasting flower absolute to remove your leftover make up, dirt and grime at the end of a long work day.”-Lush USA

So…okay. I love this stuff. Not only is it the perfect solution for lazy skincare geeks like me, but it’s so fresh and inviting, and usually I like heavily scented things, but not for my face. 9 to 5 has the lightest coconut/orchid scent that’s not overbearing. I’m in love with how it smells, I almost want to over-apply it. I can also attest to the makeup-remover statement. I didn’t think it would be that great, but it’s actually pretty decent at removing my extra makeup after I hit my face with the Simple Micellar Water.

$10.95 USD for the small size, which is what I have, $22.95 for the full size version.

This is my face immediately after using 9 to 5. My skin is literally glowing. My pore size is smaller, and the amount of fresh air that impacted my face after I wiped it off felt like a ton of cooling, refreshing bricks.The application method is really interesting too. It works like a toner. You apply it on your face and wipe it off with a damp cloth or cotton pad. I’ve tried both, and I prefer a damp cloth, since you all know I wash my face in the shower to save the precious time us college students do not have. Since the consistency of the product is less thick than you’d think, you don’t need a heavy amount to cover your face and leave an effective layer of product. Some cleansing lotions I’ve found are either really heavy and just gunk up my face even more, or are a general Slip-n-Slide and leave my oily face even more of an oil refinery than before. 9 to 5 doesn’t.


Vanishing Cream Moisturizer

“I have oily skin.” If you say this to a lush employee, their eyes will light up and they’ll most likely hop, skip, jump, trample, and run to the supply to fetch this for you before you can blink. (Seriously, these people are dedicated.) As they lovingly rub the product in on your hand, the employee will explain how taming oil with oil sounds a little kooky, but this oil balances the unwanted oils you hate with grape seed oil and witch hazel to tone, tighten, and brighten skin. What actually sold me was the fact that witch hazel is a heavy ingredient. Witch hazel is a powerful toner, which is usually very strong, used alone or in most astringents to tighten your pores and get rid of extra dirt layers.

I thoroughly liked the moisturizer, it definitely kept true to its definition as oily. It also tightened up my face, but it didn’t feel too much like plastic surgery, which I liked because it’s technically a moisturizer. I still can’t see myself paying $44.95 for it, though, and probably never will.

Cup o’ Coffee Face Mask

What an interesting ride cup o’ coffee gave me! When I tried it on my hand in the store, I couldn’t get a proper whiff, because there’s so many other smells going on around you, you don’t really notice. When I first put this sucker on, my immediate reaction was, “Oh, this is coffee.” Black coffee, at that. I’m not sure why I expected a vanilla latte smelling product.

I tried the sample in the first place because it was supposed to wake me up and buff away all that nasty stuff the night does to your skin. So what better time to use it then on a day when I spent the entire night before studying until I fell asleep? (I do not recommend by the way, but sometimes the going gets tough and the tough falls asleep.) Obviously I was very groggy and tired the next day, but the coffee really did stimulate my senses and slowly woke me up in a soothing, effective way. More like an alarm clock that’s acoustic guitar songs. Wait…that’s a good idea…

Bath Bombs

After my impromptu skin evaluation, I was finally left free to roam around and do my initial bidding of shopping for bath bombs. About a year ago, I was on Christmas Break and I decided to scour the website for any type of bath bombs I’d like, so if I’d ever went to store, I’d be fully prepared. I’m really happy with the two I purchased. First, I went for Butterball, which is a simple vanilla bath bomb. If y’all don’t know, I’m kind of obsessed with all things vanilla and lavender. My entire body care routine consists of vanilla-based products, so obviously I went crazy over this cute lil’ ball of joy! The second one I got was based purely on how epic it looked. Twilight is how I imagine Princess Bubblegum’s bath tub to look like. It’s very spacey, with stars and moons on it. I think it looks magical, and it’s huge!!! And guys, guess what it has notes of?…Lavender!!



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