c’est la me-#SB2016

Usually, I have the worst luck when it comes to seasonal breaks from school. I always end up watching Netflix on my bed and sleeping for 20/24 hours every day. However, this Spring Break was different-I got to spend time in my favorite city, relax, and catch up with friends back home. I was doing something new each and every day! Here’s my #SB2k16 in snapshots!

March 12th, 2016

I barely put my bag down in my best friend’s dorm room before we had something to do. The St. Patrick’s Day parade we’d just missed, so I met with some of her friends. It was an action packed day, but what I really want to focus on is when we went to Lake Michigan.


My best friend and I took the subway from State St. to Wrigleyville with a lot of drunk people in green, and when we got there, we met up with her friends. From there, we took an underpass from Anderson that landed us at Lake Shore Drive, and we got to relish in the beautiful Lake Michigan. I fall in love with LM every time I see it, and that was no exception. The lake is so so so beautiful at night, and the robust lights of the city only complimented its beauty. We all took a minute to admire nature’s simple beauty, and my mind told me once again to take a mental snapshot. Moments like this, of pure tranquility shared with people, they don’t come around often. After that, we went back to a friend’s apartment and hung out until like 4am, it was all really fun.

March 13th, 2016

Waking up after that explosive first day, I felt rejuvenated and ready to conquer the place that I love.I also really wanted to go shopping. So, back on the subway, my best friend and I rode to Michigan Avenue, which is probably one of my favorite spots, just for the historical value and awesome view of the lake.

I also had Potbelly for the first time (I just hated the name, so never went in there). We went to Topshop, where I found a beautiful gold party dress I can’t wait to wear, and Lush, where I got tons of cool stuff I can’t wait to share with y’all (stay tuned)! After our beautiful night of shopping, and witnessing a really awkward situation with someone getting arrested in Forever 21, we had a Chopped marathon back at her dorm, armed with the best Panera I’ve ever had.

March 14th, 2016

Happy Pi Day! The day started with my convincing my best friend to get pie with me, and when she didn’t budge, we settled on slices of pizza nearby. This was the day we did tourist things like go to the Art Institute, which I LOVED, Millennium Park, and just had a chill day.IMG_2883

Afterwards, she had class, so I had another mini Chopped marathon (guys I love this show), and ended up watching Friends with my best friend’s suitemates. We shared deep dish pizza and it was so fun, but I had to go home soon after, meeting my sister at her job, but not before walking past a Bernie Sanders rally, which was totally cool to look at. Of course, we had to dodge the horse poop everywhere, from the policeman on horseback, but that was a small price to pay.

Homeward Bound: March 15th-20th

These days were just filled with relaxation, preparing my own meals, and focusing on myself. I relished in real conversations and hanging out with my family and friends, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to have a break. Though my town is small, with the right people, you can always find new things to do. I really get into enjoying nature in the spring, and spending time outside is a must. Going to the downtown areas of neighboring towns is something I do alot with my boyfriend, and it was great to keep that tradition going. It’s just refreshing to know that there’s always a world outside of technology, and enjoying it is just as important as connecting with other people through wifi.

I hope you guys had or will have an amazing break! Remember to go out and try new things, make lasting memories, be brave, and don’t question anything! This is your time to shine-you deserve it!

xx, Kay

Today’s Jams: A Faint Illusion, Tides of Man, Hit The Ground, Plans


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