c’est la me-flux rox. (Changes to the Blog)

Hola, everyone! There are some new and exciting changes I’m making with my blog! Read more to find out!

I. Premise

I’ve decided to change my blog to a full-time beauty and lifestyle blog. The reason being is, when I started this blog, I tried different outlets I was interested in, just to see if it would work out or if I would like one more than the other. Turns out, I just prefer talking about my life and cosmetics, and you seem to prefer it that way, too. So, why not just make everyone happy? Yay!!!

II.  Schedule

With the blog change, there also has to be a schedule change to keep things consistent. I have loads of fun things planned for you all to see, and I can’t wait to share them when you can expect them! So, I’ll be keeping Makeup Mondays, because that theme is too cute to lose. I’ll also be doing a Face Friday, because alliterations kill me. This is just Makeup Monday but for Friday. Wednesdays, I’ll be doing c’est la me, and for those of you who don’t know, that’s when I talk about my life for the week and give advice, sometimes it’s my diary to get my feelings out and I usually post epiphanies at the end, because I have a lot of those.


Those are the major changes happening with my blog, and I have been thinking about this quote from the end of a book I read about four or five years ago called Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie. It’s a fabulously written book for incoming freshmen, and it really impacted and influenced my early high school days. The end of the book reflected on change, and how the main character was at first very stubborn to accept it. By the book’s end, he realized that embracing change always gives the clouds a silver lining. If you take change confidently and with a hunger for curiosity, it will be a learning experience either way. So the next time something happens that will alter your life, good or bad, don’t think of it as flux sux. Flux rox! (Flux is Latin for “change”).

I hope you enjoy your week everyone! I always love talking to you!

Today’s Jams: Standards (album), Into It. Over It. 


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