c’est la face-Spring Break Fanny Pack Essentials

It’s time for Spring Break! Going anywhere exciting?? I am–I’m finally going home to my favorite city, Downtown Chicago! While I’m super excited to go, I also kind of wish I was going somewhere sunny and warm like most of my friends for break. If you are, make sure to bring a sick looking fanny pack-and these essentials, of course, so your glo-up never dims.

Fanny Pack: Forever 21 ($36, ships internationally)

I absolutely adore these, I think they’re so cute, and these from Forever 21 come in like four different colors, and they’re perfect for Spring Break! I’m always into fun colors when it’s sunny outside, and even against the neutral gray color, the tribal print reminds me of 90s MC Hammer pants and that makes me laugh.

So what would I take along with me in the pack to the beach, or just a day out in the sun?

*Fun Nail Polish (Lilacism, Mint Candy Apple, Turquoise and Caicos $7-9, drugstores)

These polishes are from Essie, which is my favorite brand of polish, but certainly not the be-all, end-all of polishes. (Other favorites are China Glaze, OPI, and Butter London). I have all of these polishes in my possession, and they give off a pastel finish, which I love in the warmer months. For the latter two colors I put up a comparison photo, because a lot of people can seldom tell the difference (myself included), but Turquoise and Caicos gives a more Tiffany-blue like finish, while Mint Candy Apple is more of a pastel and pure bright. It reflects light better, as well. You never know when you might chip a pesky mani, and these cute rectangular polishes have a perfect application for those quick fixes.

*Rosebud Salve (Sephora, $7)

What a beauty staple Rosebud Salve is. As well as wearing it every night before I go to bed, I also wear it 2x as much when it’s warm, because I find nothing that hydrates and moisturizes my lips better. If you don’t have Rosebud Salve in your collection, add it ASAP! rosebudstrawberry_webI love the whole line, which includes rose, mint, and strawberry, but I prefer the gold tin and the scent of the strawberry one. Each one has a hint of lingering rose, and you get so much product for $7. I honestly need months to go through a single tin, and I have some pretty big lips. Salve does have a shine and the slightest of tints, so take that into consideration; but seriously, don’t let these factors turn your persuasion. Buy it. Seriously. The perfect small size will take up minimal space in your fanny pack, but the light reflective tin will make it easy to find when your lips are calling for something. (These also come in squeeze tubes, so never fear! I just prefer tin).

*Spray-on Deodorant (Dove Travel Size Spray-on Deodorant, $4)

The new phenomenon that’s sweeping the nation is spray-on deodorant. I love it because it comes in way more scents than the dreaded powder fresh, which to me smells like an old lady.t_1267 It also doesn’t leave those weird white residue streaks under my armpit, which is always a problem, and when you put on a cami or shirt after you apply, that stuff can get on your shirt. Spray-on can also last for ages, and it always smells so good!! I love how Dove makes little travel size cans, because sometimes, it can get just a little too hot, and you work up a bit of a perspiration. You can never tell when you need to refresh yourself, and this stuff quickly takes care of it. This cute little can will fit snugly in your fanny pack, and wouldn’t be much larger than your wallet.

*Evian Face Mist ($7, Sephora)

My friends make fun of owning this, but I swear guys, I love pressurized face mist. My face gets super dry when it’s warm out, and I hate the feeling of a dry face. Even though I stay hydrated, my face can still be stiff. So I buy this stuff and use it whenever I need an all-over hydration.Evian-Natural-Mineral-Water-Facial-Spray It’s like having your own mist station, like they do at Disney World. And now Sephora sells them in 2 for $12 packs. I’ve been buying this for years, and it makes me hydrated for up to three hours. It’s skinny and small enough to take up little space in your fanny pack, and after I began to use it almost regularly, every time I went outside, my face became brighter and more plump from the constant hydration. Hydrating is super important guys, make sure you hydrate the day before you spend a day outside!! (This is a professional Athletic Training tip, not just a Kay Says thing. It’s serious. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, drink your 4-6 bottles of water!)

*Tanning Lotion (Banana Boat Dry Oil Spray With Argan Oil, $8)


We all know how important sunscreen is. This is what I recommend if you don’t need that much sun protection, because the highest number of SPF this specific line offers is 25, which is what’s pictured. I know some people need SPF like 5000, but I decided to showcase this one because the argan oil makes my skin so soft and glowy, and I was a little weary of spray on sunscreen, like I was of spray on deodorant, but the protection I get is ridiculous. I’d say if you’re a little weary of trying other sunscreen, go with a universally trusted brand, which is how I decided on Banana Boat. I don’t really hear bad things about this, and this bottle isn’t ridiculously sized, and fits in most of my fanny packs, as well as everything else. It seems a little big, but I promise you that it’s not gargantuan, but you still get ample amount of product.

*Make sure you always have your phone, the business card of your hotel, an index card with your information, an extra copy of your Uber or cab driver’s information, a safe word with groups, knowledge of everyone in the group’s limits, HAVING limits, a safe number, a wallet with multiple forms of ID, and smiles! You’ve earned this break! Have a fun and safe Spring Break!! May your eyebrows stay on point and your coolers stay packed. xx, Kay.

Today’s Jams: Creeped Out, Rozwell Kid, Antarctica, The Daydreamers.



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