c’est la face-My Experience With Two “Yes To” Products

Four weeks ago, I purchased “Yes To Grapefruit Dark Spot Correcting Serum” and “Yes To Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer” in hopes of reducing my hyperpigmentation and oily skin. After a month of using the products, I have my results. 

Hey guys! Didn’t expect to see me on a Friday, did you? That ties into something new I might change with the blog in upcoming weeks. Stay tuned. Anyway, as promised, here is the “Yes To” review I’ve been mentioning for awhile now.

I first tried the “Yes To” line a couple years after it came out, around 2008. It was a Yes To Carrots moisturizer that I loved; I thought it was perfect for my skin. I haven’t used the line since then until around a month ago. I desperately wished to clear up my dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and also put a cap on the shininess my T-zone gave me, and I saw their products at Ulta and remembered how much I loved them, so I gave two a whirl.


The serum claims that it’s proven to “help visibly diminish the appearance of dark spots” and “help visibly even skin tone”. The directions say to apply a thin layer to a cleansed face 2x a day. I did this, and after two weeks, I saw results.

$19.99, ships to USA only. Also apparent winner of an award and finalist for another.

A terrible breakout. My skin looked worse than it did before I started a routine. It was absolutely awful, and the biggest point of the breakout was near my dark spots. It had to be the serum. To be honest, I was grateful for a chance to stop using it. Being my first dark spot serum, I wasn’t sure how it was supposed to differ from my other products, but it just looked and reacted too strange with my skin for comfort.

First, when you pump the product out, it’s brown and slimy. It resembles a thin caramel, and it’s also quite sticky. When applied to my face, the product froze on my skin, and it would peel once dried. I spent about five minutes after each application peeling the remains of the product off of my face. My dark spots looked worse than they did before purchasing. I read the reviews on the website, and there are about five more people who experienced my same issues last year. I quickly ex-ed the product out of my skincare regimen and used my Simple Micellar Water and moisturizer to repair my skin. Twenty bucks down the drain.

Rating: 1/5 grapefruits


I don’t have much to say about the product. The bottle said Red Tea in the product would reduce oil, which drew me to it. On the website, it says Red Tea “contain excellent antioxidants, great for keeping your skin clear and healthy”. That’s really vague. But the explanation for the tomato ingredient went into depth about Lycopene (an anti-inflammatory chemical found in red fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, that has powerful antioxidants that’s known to help unclog pores and control breakouts). 

$15.99, ships to USA only.

The product was powerless for me. I applied it for the full four weeks, but for the two weeks after I stopped using the serum, it still did nothing for my face. I could tell that the Lycopene was strong, but it did nothing to protect my skin or keep it moisturized. Overall, I was generally unimpressed by this product and more than happily switched back to my Simple Moisturizer.

Rating: 1.7/5 tomatoes 

Overall, I did not have a good experience with my second round of “Yes To” products, and I’m thoroughly disappointed, having hearing nothing but good things and having a good history of the products myself. Did you try these products or any others? Let me know, because I want to get down to the bottom of this mystery. Did they change the formulas? Or is one vegetable greater than the others?

xx, Kay

Today’s Jams: Dealer, Foxing. 

Photos from: yestocarrots.com


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