c’est la me-The Good, The Bad, and The Curly

Focusing on yourself when life is everywhere and everything else can be tricky. When you have to be multiple places at once, it’s harder to pay attention to what comes first: you and your happiness. This past week, I’ve recounted the trials and tribulations of making small changes in my life. 

I’m a very generous person. I like to spoil my friends and be selfless. I’ve done this for as long as I can remember. Often, days are busy and nights are quick. There’s never enough time in the day to do everything, and the things that are most important are put on the back burner more times than once. This week, I decided to cut the crap and put more interest in what I can do for me.

I went grocery shopping for myself for the first time this week. I know, an 18 year old adult who’s never been grocery shopping before sounds ridiculous. However, I always depend on my University’s dining hall attached to my dormitory for food. Then, I saw the 15 start to rear its ugly head. My skin was less plump and dewey, and I was tired 24/7. I know the warning signs of something needed to change.

As I got over the surprise that groceries were so expensive, I felt an odd sense of pride. Of course a small feat, I felt a huge accomplishment. I know this sounds silly, but bear with me. I was able to use my own initiative to do something that would contribute to the enrichment of my own life. 

Going forward with this adrenaline, I decided to start doing exercises in my room, because it’s cold and the rec facility is too far from my building. This has happened once since then. So obviously, I still need a little motivation in that area.

This week, I also decided to go to curly hair again. I never used to like my curly hair, because it took too much time to do and was so much work to manage. However, as soon as I set myself on a schedule and actually stuck to it, I’ve found that my curl pattern is finally agreeing with me, and I’ve found a system that’s really worked with my busy and crazy schedule and life. I also figured out some cute on-the-go hairstyles that I love seeing my hair in. I think that if I really want to do something enough, I can pursue through the awful beginning phase and persevere into seeing the results I want.

The results of all of these changes: I have a surplus of energy by drinking more water and monitoring what I eat. During floor hockey intramurals I actually don’t feel like I’m dying for once. And my hair conditioner smells SO GOOD!

That’s my update for this week, it’s been the week of trial, error, and successes for me. I’ve also been offered an awesome leadership position for a summer job (holla!), so I’m really excited to see where my life is going to take me with this new found motivation. My advice for you is to remember that sometimes, the only motivation you need to do something is the motivation you can find in yourself to push your determination. 

Today’s Jams: The College Dropout, Kanye West. (All Falls Down is a jam.) Born Sinner, J. Cole.


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