c’est la face-Skincare Habits

I suppose that at one point, I had blemish-free, flawless skin. Then puberty happened, and the reality of perfect skin quickly grew into a dream. My new reality is to accept the fact that my skin is oily and prone to breakouts, and that it requires attention if I want it to thrive. However, that required breaking some really tough habits and investing in a skincare regimen that worked for me. Today’s Makeup Monday consists of going behind the makeup-I’m giving some of the bad habits I had with taking care of my skin and how I worked to fix it, along with products from my skincare regimen. 

As previously mentioned, I have oily skin. I used to have dry skin–so this transition threw me for a loop. I thought there was something wrong, but it’s actually normal for skin types to change. It does happen, and the biggest challenge is to cope with that. On top of the horrid skin habits I already had, my skin last year was just not a happy camper. Gradually, when I began to love my face, it decided to do the impossible and work with me. But you know what they say, some habits are hard to break. My biggest one?

1. Washing my face in the first place.

I admit, I was so damn lazy with even the most basic element of skin care. Yes, I knew how important it was, but I just never really cared enough to do something about it. When I came to college, I made the decision to show my skin some respect and begin washing my face daily. By adding this new commitment to my shower instead of separately, I saved time, and I never had to remember to do it. My face almost instantly thanked me-within days, I had glowy and clearer skin. To tame my oily skin during washing, I alternate by day between two cleansers: AMBI Complexion Cleansing bar ($2), and Simple Skincare’s Foaming Cleanser ($7). Along with oily, my skin is sensitive, and only certain skincare lines are gentle enough. I’ve found that these two brands are gentle enough and do a great job at cleansing and keeping my excessive oil in place.

2. Moisturizing. Moisturizing. MOISTURIZING.

I’m gonna be honest, I never saw the big deal with moisturizing. I thought-“I’ve already washed my face, it feels soft and clean, what’s the big problem?” Here’s the big problem: Your face needs nutrients and protection like the rest of your body does. Once I figured out that moisturizing is a thing for a reason, I needed a quick way to apply the before I went to class. So when I’m in my dorm getting ready for the day, I remember to pick it up and slather it on. I’ve yet to find a perfect one, but Simple Skincare’s Light Protecting Moisturizer ($7) does its job with protecting my skin. My face is just perpetually oily, so it breaks through like a wall sometimes. The good news is, I don’t have to worry about SPF 15, so my face doesn’t get dry AND oily. Because that would just be a travesty.

3. Nighttime care.

I always thought nighttime skincare was for old people. But it’s actually a convenient and essential element that can easily be added to your routine. Think about it-do you really want to go to bed with the whoooooole day’s gunk and funk on your face? I didn’t. So I made quite possibly the best purchase of my life–Simple Skincare’s Micellar Water ($7). When I say this stuff is my holy grail ride or die product of a lifetime, I mean it. Simple is doing their thang with skincare and I’m so grateful. Micellar water is the most refreshing, hydrating, cleansing product I’ve ever used. It even makes my skin less oily! My biggest solution to all my bad habits is to find things that suits my laziness. You don’t even need to wash this off. It’s a miracle. So before I go to bed, while I’m getting ready and all that, I just give my face a once over of this glory machine, give it a minute or two to dry, then hit the hay. It’s especially helpful on days I wear makeup, because it takes all of it off. Seriously, this stuff is for the books.

Those are the biggest bad habits I broke within my first month at college. My skin has had wonderful responses. As well as staying hydrated, my face has been glowing, clean, and just healthy. Wearing makeup has been a better experience, knowing I was working on a better slate. Remember: People don’t change until they have a reason to. So if you really want to have better looking skin, find a good reason and stick to it. Only then will you find solace in the time it takes to change yourself, because we all know any type of transition is never immediate.

Today’s Jams: Take It Forever, beat radio.



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