c’est la me-An Open Thank-You Letter to Dylan

I figured that I would have a section on my blog dedicated to reflection posts that document my findings in college. This first post will be an open thank-you letter about an epiphany I had last night while secretly filming an indie 90’s movie.

Dear Dylan,

This is for your message on Facebook Monday. You immediately messaged me after sending a friend request, saying that you were trying to make new friends. I thought it was a gimmick, but I replied anyway and we instantly hit it off, finding how easy it was to talk to each other. We had the exact same sense of humor, interests, and hobbies. I felt like we’d been friends for a year instead of a day.

The next night, you asked if we could hang out. I was skeptical at first, because I hadn’t met you and it was 9p.m., which is usually around my bedtime. I was halfway through a cup of instant ramen, and I had so much future homework to do, planning to get done, and I have a strict schedule that I live my life on. Then I stopped for a second, thinking what exactly was the worst that could happen. When I couldn’t think of anything too drastic, I accepted your invitation.

After a brief car mix-up and you swearing up and down you’re a safe person (Thanks for making me feel at ease and never being disrespectful-that was great of you), you drove me to a place called Hawthorne Park. I picked a Mac Demarco CD from your extensive oldies repertoire and we talked about life in your crappy white Cadillac under the stars. It was the best time. In the back of my mind, an alarm went off telling me to savor this moment, to remember it, for when was the last time I felt so at ease? When was the last time conversation flowed so easily under strange circumstances? When was the last time I took a risk? It was then I made the decision to second-guess nothing for the rest of the night. That single moment, that single choice, it led to the strangest grocery store run of my life, in which we went on the hunt for California Roll sushi and didn’t buy any, in which I met 7 new people, two of which led us to the sushi section. That choice also led to a long-awaited tour of the college town in which I reside for-you guessed it-college. But more than that, it led to me doing random things I never thought I’d do with a random guy on a random Tuesday night. It was the most fun I’d had in ages.

At one point, during the walk into this grocery store, I uttered “I feel like I’m in a 90’s film.” You were so confused, but I chose not to explain. I will now. Do you know how indie late 90’s films just have that vibe? Maybe that’s one reason why I love Buffy The Vampire Slayer-that show captures the vibe I want to live my life by. Maybe with a little less supernatural. Unapologetic, musical, and dreamy–Nirvana or Sprung Monkey playing in the background is always appreciated. Something about the laid back fearlessness of the grunge era excites me to no end. Something about that hidden ambition and nerve really intrigues me. Something about being with another person, phones shut off, sitting on the hood of a car and just enjoying the nature and other people is the embodiment of how I love hanging out. Enjoying company. I’ve always wanted to be spontaneous, but was always too scared to take risks and get out there. Now, there’s no reason not to. We spent ages talking about how short life can be. I’m glad you came along to help me practice what I preach.

So this is a thank you to Dylan, who convinced me to leave my dorm for an hour and a half. Dylan, the short German guy with a beard who is taking Contemporary Irish Poetry. Dylan, the guy who totally gets me and we’ve only been friends for a day. Dylan, the guy who gave me my own little 90s film. And this is also a challenge to you, the reader. We all have those moments where we feel like life is wasting away. Find someone new. Go on an adventure. Not for Instagram, not to feed ego, but to enjoy. Simply, purely enjoy. This always doesn’t mean climbing trees and running through forests. This can mean going to a new place or connecting with someone on a deeper level. Fulfill your wanderlust. You just might meet a person who changes because of it. Because of you. I know I have.


Kay (your new glitter-obsessed Freshman friend).

Track of the Day: Mallory Run EP, Mallory  Run http://malloryrun.bandcamp.com/album/mallory-run


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