c’est la face-Disappearing Act

Double posting is fun, double posting is rad. Usually, makeup posts will take place on Mondays, for the entire sake of abuse of the term Makeup Monday. But for funsies and double posting purposes, I have decided to kick off (Super Bowl pun unintended but acknowledged) Makeup Monday (On A Tuesday) with 3 lip products that are life-proof. Seriously, some of this stuff will stay on for days if you let it.  This especially comes in handy if you’re always everywhere at once and can’t always reapply 24/7.

1-NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream ($6): Oh my gosh, I use this stuff religiously. Every morning before class, I put on my candy cane flavored chapstick and slather this babe right on top. NYX Matte Lip Cream, the little trooper, is there through it all. I only find myself reapplying when I want extra color. I recently visited home this weekend, and this little buddy stayed on from my 8am class, to the 1:30 bus ride, to the 7pm conclusion, through the 9pm date with my boyfriend-goodbye kisses and all. That lip cream ain’t moving. Note-being matte, therefore drying, (praying for the day cosmetic companies perfect matte and moisture) I recommend having a chapstick anchor along for the wear of this one. I use the regular Chapstick brand you can find near the register at Walgreens or Target for like .99. Kay Prefers-Antwerp for a bright, peach color, and Zurich for a very natural, very low key look that still adds that perfect touch of color.

2-Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick ($21): I FINALLY got my hands on one of these things, and I was sold before I left Sephora. I love Too Faced, and I love this product. While not as everything-proof as the matte lip cream, this stuff is still great at being permanent. Long lasting, 8 hour wear. The PIGMENTATION on this absolute dear is astounding! There’s so much color, you won’t need to reapply, ever. This tube offers a bottomless pit of color, it’s great. Plus, the applicator is an angled brush, which is one of my favorite applicators, because it already has that precise brush finish. Note-this product can dry matte as well, so chapstick is a very good idea if you prefer hydrated kissers. Kay Prefers-Melted Velvet for a classy, professional cherry red that’s not too bright and goes on shiny for a liquified look.

3-NARS Satin Lip Pencil ($24): This lip pencil was a birthday gift from Sephora, because you will NEVER catch me spending 24 dollars plus tax on a tiny lip pencil. Granted, this tool is fabulous. I don’t even use it to line my lips, I use it as my entire lip product. It provides a matte color and doesn’t dry too much. Though falling small victim to the Coffee Cup Curse, this product is something I can wear all day without reapplying-even after eating and walking in the wind from class to class. The color is amazingly pigmented and I’m so in love with this pencil, my biggest downside is how expensive it is. Note-the pencils are quite small, so know what you’re investing in. Kay Prefers-Dragon Lady for a shocking and daring red that lasts through dancing and doesn’t get on teeth when smiling.

So there are my top three everything-proof lip products! I use all of these extensively. As well as Chapstick and Blistex, these products are some of my holy grail ride or dies. Also! Another cheap product that stays on for years is Elf’s lip stain duo. That stuff is insane, I couldn’t even wash it off at night, but I haven’t used it in a while and I wanted an updated list. As always, thanks for reading!

Today’s Jams-Polaris, Jimmy Eat World. The Magdalene, Foxing.




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